10 Beautiful Crochet Rose Patterns For Crochet Inspiration

When it comes to crochet, there are countless beautiful things that you can make with your yarn.

This is especially true when it comes to making crochet flowers, which can have beautiful and delicate designs, and come in a wide variety of different types.

One of the best types of crochet flower is undeniably the rose, one of the most striking and gorgeous flowers there is.

10 Beautiful Crochet Rose Patterns For Crochet Inspiration

However, there are so many different crochet rose patterns out there that it can often be difficult narrowing the list down to find the best looking ones for you. So what can you do?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve done the work for you, with our fascinating guide to 10 beautiful crochet rose patterns for crochet inspiration (see also: 10 Beautiful Baby Boots Crochet Patterns For Crochet Inspiration)below.

You’re sure to find dazzling crochet rose patterns that you just love!

10 Beautiful Crochet Rose Patterns For Crochet Inspiration

1. Crochet Red Rose Pattern

We’re starting our list off with this beautiful classic crochet rose pattern(see also: 10 Beautiful Baseball Crochet Patterns For Crochet Inspiration).

Whenever you picture a rose, this is probably what you’re imagining! It’s the dazzling, bright red flower, with its delicate swirl of petals.

The rose looks somehow even more beautiful when it’s made out of crochet yarn, with each striking red petal being made from an intricate weave of material.

Better yet, there’s loads you can do with the flower afterwards! You could wear it in a jacket pocket, make a bowl of crochet roses to brighten up your home, attach it to a tote bag, and so much more.

2. Crochet Pink Rose With Leaves

Next on our list is a beautiful pink rose. It’s easy to forget that roses come in a whole variety of different colors, not just the classic striking red, and pink is one of the most gentle, gorgeous ones. 

This crochet pattern will help you make a delicate pink rose, whose petals are incredibly intricate and appear to swirl around and around into each other. It’s a feat of design that’s sure to impress anyone who sees it! 

Better yet, the pink rose comes with some lush green leaves beneath it too. These help to make it look even more like the real thing, and the green and pink combination is incredibly soothing. 

3. Crochet Bouquet Of Different Colored Roses

Speaking of roses coming in lots of different colors, this crochet pattern will give you a beautiful (see also: 10 Beautiful Handbag Purse Crochet Patterns For Crochet Inspiration)and vibrant bouquet of different colored roses.

The bouquet is perfect for putting into a vase and placing in the middle of a table, bringing light to your home. Better yet, you wouldn’t have to regularly water them like a real bouquet!

As for the roses, they come in three different colors: yellow, violet, and pink. These colors go perfectly with each other, being particularly vibrant and calming, and each of the roses has a slender green crochet stalk with leaves too.

4. Crochet Gold Roses

Admittedly, you’re not going to find any gold roses in real life! With that being said, these crochet gold roses are incredibly elegant and fancy.

Each of them has white petals, which then have incredibly intricate and thin gold yarn needled around their edges. 

The contrast of white and gold looks incredibly sophisticated – these crochet roses are sure to make any home feel fancier!

5. Crochet Yellow Roses

A little similar to a golden rose, these crochet yellow roses are sure to brighten up any room they’re put in.

Yellow is one of the most vibrant and dazzling colors there is (seriously, just look at a sunflower!) and these crochet yellow roses will blaze up any space.

Additionally, they have green crochet leaves too, which really add some earthy authenticity to the fake flowers. 

6. Crochet Blue Rose

It doesn’t get any bluer! This crochet rose is a fabulous, strong shade of blue that will make it stand out wherever it’s placed.

It’s a calming color that’s reminiscent of the sea, and it makes this crochet rose especially visually appealing. 

It also has an intricate swirling pattern that helps it to stand out too. The petals are curved, and there’s large gaps at their bases too, making the crochet rose almost seem like a crochet doily.

It adds real texture and style to the fake flower. 

7. Crochet Purple Rose

Quite similar to a blue rose, this crochet rose pattern will give you an exotic purple rose. It’s a particularly vibrant color, and the swirling petals will showcase your intricate crochet needle work to anybody who sees it.

Better yet, you could pair it with some of the other crochet roses on this list! A bouquet of blue and purple crochet roses would go especially well in our opinion. 

8. Crochet Valentine’s Day Rose

The rose is a classic symbol of love, with roses often being given to lovers as a sign of affection.

As a result, roses are especially popular on Valentine’s Day, and these crochet roses will be the perfect gift for a loved one on that special day.

The roses can be made in red, purple, pink, and other similar colors. Each of them has a long, thin stalk and some delicate crochet leaves coming off them.

The flowers have more of a cone shape than the other crochet roses we’ve looked at, which is a shape you’ll often see on real roses.

9. Crochet Halloween Rose

This crochet rose pattern will give you a beautiful (see also: 11 Beautiful Pearl Choker Necklace Patterns For Crochet Inspiration)orange rose with scary black petals, a perfect crochet design for the Halloween period! You can put these orange crochet roses out near your pumpkins.

10. Crochet Rose Blanket

We’re finishing with a special crochet rose pattern, which is a beautiful blanket covered in little roses. The roses are either red, pink, or purple, and each one is surrounded by a white segment.

A pink yarn pattern runs between these segments, creating an entirely vibrant blanket that’s perfect for cozying under.

Final Thoughts

There’s loads of beautiful crochet rose patterns (see also: 10 Beautiful Pansy Doily Crochet Patterns For Crochet Inspiration)you can make, and our useful list features the best!

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