The Top Trends You Need To Try For Your Next Crochet Project

It is inarguable that crocheting has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. And if the naysayers tell you that it is an activity that is reserved for the elderly or the perpetually bored, kick them to the curb.

Or at least educate them. You would only have to show them a few select samples of the trends from this article to prove that that is not the case. 

The Top Trends You Need To Try For Your Next Crochet Project

Crocheting is back and better than ever with fresh and creative patterns becoming more easily and widely available. And the best part about it all?

They’re super easy to do. So whether you are a veteran crocheter or a first-timer, you’re sure to be able to replicate these adorable crop tops, corsets, two-pieces, and much more! 

Excited to learn more about the crochet trends taking the world by storm? Then keep reading! 

The Current Most Popular Crochet Trends 


Vests are everywhere at the minute as fashion turns its head back towards the 90s for its inspiration. And while many different 90s styles prevail, in terms of the crochet world, vests well and truly are crowned the ultimate winner. 

And what’s so great about vests is that there are so many different styles of vests to choose from.

Do you prefer structured and tight-fitting or oversized and cozy? Regardless of your choice, there is a pattern out there for you. 

Below are just a few of the many patterns available! 

  • Beginners Choice – Luna Crochet Vest – Vests can be a little tricky to get your head around if you are new to crocheting but this pattern is relatively easy. 
  • Retro Baby – Dorothy Retro Vest – Perhaps a tad unconventional but this vest is adorable. From the style to the colors there’s something just so unique and quirky about it that I can’t help but love. 
  • Comfy, Comfy – Oversized Chocolate Plate Vest – Oversized and comfy vests are my favorite trend right now. They look fantastic and they feel great on. Win-Win. 

Color Blocking

Color blocking has seeped its way into every facet of fashion. It’s been absolutely everywhere recently, and that includes the crocheting world.

It’s one of those fashion trends that never seems to die, it always comes back around at some point. And I must say, I’m certainly here for it and its untapped and limitless potential for creativity and style. 

If like me, you are head over heels for the color-blocking trend, then you need to take a look at the following patterns. 

  • Pretty Pastels – Sorber Sunday Tank Top – Using ice-cream-inspired colors, it’s not hard to see where this pattern gets its name. It’s so pretty! It’s also a free pattern that is a great option for beginners. 
  • Bright & Beautiful – Mango Tango Bobble Top – This top uses bright yellows and deep orange and it reminds me so much of sunshine. And how can you do anything other than smile in the presence of brilliant sunlight? 
  • Cooler & Colder – Color Block T-Top – Focusing on cooler shades of light and dark blues, this pattern is a stunning choice as those colder months approach. 

Crop Tops

This a trend you probably already expected to see on this list, they’re eternally in style now it seems.

And crocheted versions of crop tops are just adorable – and they go with everything. High-waisted shorts? Yep. Jeans? Yep. Skirt? You guessed it, yep! 

There are so many different styles of adorable, cute, and downright gorgeous crop top patterns out there that choosing just a few was downright painful. But we got there, eventually. 

  • Turquoise Dream – The Jasmine Top – Stylish and elegant, you can’t ask for much more in a crop top. The shell cap sleeves, drawstring ruche, and sweetheart neckline create a really timeless look. 
  • Plunging Halterneck – Crochet Cropped Halter Top – If you’re looking for something a little more modern and sassy, then you need to try this crop top. It ties at the neck, has a gorgeous plunging neckline, and will go with just about anything. 
  • Cute And Chic – Colorblock Cropped Cardigan – This top is so chic and pretty, and the color-blocking choices are to die for.  If delicate and cute is what you’re going for then you’ll definitely want to try this pattern. 
The Top Trends You Need To Try For Your Next Crochet Project


How adorable are patchwork patterns?

They’re so comfy, cozy, and old-fashioned that it’s like having one of those can’t-breathe-kind-of-tight-cuddles off your grandparents. Just total comfort and security. I’ll never have enough patchwork patterns. 

They’re also pretty easy-going for our crochet-newbies too, so they’re inclusive for everyone!  You’ll feel like rewarding yourself after each and every square and then all of a sudden – boom – you have a new jumper. 

Here are a few of my favorite patchwork patterns that I’ve made. 

  • Sunshine And Floral – The Haisley Patchwork Cardigan – With patches of vibrant yellows, deep oranges, and pastel and deeper hues of purple, this jumper reminds me of the sun shining down on a gorgeous flowerbed. 
  • Comfy & Cozy – Crochet Patchwork Shorts – Would you believe me if I told you these are actually even comfier than they look? The adjustable tie means that you can ensure they fit you perfectly too. 
  • Amazing Autumnal – Garden Patchwork Cardigan – I couldn’t think of a better outfit for the fall than this one. The deep green border with the array of oranges, yellows, and browns couldn’t be more autumnal if it tried. I am living for this color palette. 


It isn’t just the 90s fashion that’s come back around recently. We’ve seen tons of inspiration from the 70s too.

And is there anything more truly 70s-style than the fringe? From jackets to boots, bags to tops, they just look great on everything. 

They look even better when they’ve been crocheted. And the good news is that they’re also pretty easy to replicate when crocheting too. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are my favorite fringe patterns. 

  • Beautiful Bags – Fringe Crochet Shopping Bag – You can never have too many bags right? And this large tote bag looks absolutely divine. It has a lovely color effect at the bottom and that iconic 70s fringe on the top. 
  • Wrapped Up Warm – Multicolored Shawl With Fringe – I have never been more thankful for anything as I was this shawl during the winter! Not only does the stylish triangle (see also: How To Crochet A Triangle)shape look amazing, but it also keeps you snug as a bug in a rug! 
  • Flowy Fringe – Fringe Tank Top – This simple but stylish top can be dressed up or dressed down and goes with pretty much any pair of pants you have in your wardrobe thanks to its monochrome color palette. 


Period dramas are becoming increasingly popular on our screens as of late, and many of us have begun to covet that regent and classic fashion.

Thus the popularity of the corset grew. And it’s not hard to see why. They are so elegant, flattering, and feminine. 

And the good news? They’re pretty easy to recreate too. You definitely need to give one of these adorable patterns a try! 

  • Pretty In Pink – Stylish Crochet Corset – This soft pink corset is so stunningly pretty. It has beautiful lacy sleeves and that stunning corset tie in the middle, it screams femininity. 
  • Cool And Quirky – Hooded Crochet Corset – If you love the uniqueness of a corset but don’t want it to be quite as feminine then why not stick a hood on it? A corset on a hood may sound a little…odd, but I promise it looks so stylish and quirky. 
  • Lovely & Lacey – Croche Lace Edged Corset Love lace? Love corsets? Then this is your dream pattern. It’s a little more minimalistic, but sometimes it’s all about the simple pleasures in life, right? 

Two Pieces

Two pieces are probably one of my favorite trends in general, but there’s just something about a crocheted two-piece that is just a level above.

They look so good. You just look so slick and stylish in a matching piece, it’s wonderful. 

And then, while making a jacket or a bag definitely feels like an achievement, there’s just a new sense of pride in knowing that you created yourself an entire outfit! 

Below are my all-time favorite two-piece patterns! 

  • Pretty Pink Peplum Two-Piece – Crochet Crop Top And Midi Skirt Two Piece – This outfit is absolutely perfect for any date night. The ruffled sleeves and neckline of the crop top look so good with that peplum lace pencil skirt. And just imagine how good it’ll feel when individuals are dying to know where you got your outfit from and you can say you made it yourself! 
  • Gorgeously Groovy – Drest Crochet Two Piece – I get lots of summer and 70s vibes from this matching crop top and shorts. The color palette is so fun and bright and it’s definitely a statement pie, that much is for sure. I absolutely adore the bell sleeves and high-waisted shorts combo. What about you?
  • Ugh, As If – Amara Set Crochet Pattern Two-Piece – The Clueless vibes that this design gives off are absolutely phenomenal. You’re sure to feel just like Alicia Silverstone in this cute fit. And hey, who knows, you might attract your very own Paul Rudd in this outfit. Um, yes, please! 

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, the top 7 most popular trends that you need to try. As you can see, crocheting patterns aren’t just for the older generation.

Far from it!  All of these trends scream youthfulness and playfulness. And you are sure to look super stylish in any of these adorable patterns. 

Hopefully, now, you should have a pretty large list of new project ideas to try.

Each and every pattern mentioned in this article is absolutely stunning and pretty easy to recreate so they will definitely be suitable for you regardless of your crocheting level.

And if they do seem a little difficult, still give them a go – it’s all a learning process. 

So whether you’re looking for a fresh and stylish date night two-piece, a 90s or 70s inspired outfit, or a cute top for the summer, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Get grabbing your favorite pattern and start a new and exciting project today. 

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