About Us

Crochet is one of the most calming and therapeutic crafts out there. It’s a simple dance of stitches, working in rounds, and forgetting the outside world as you create something beautiful.

Hi, my name is Nancy Adriane and I have been crocheting in my free time for almost 10 years. 

I first picked up a hook when I was studying in college, stressed and frustrated with the pressures put on me by people around me. The workload got too much, and I desperately needed an outlet. 

I tried everything – socializing, cooking, watching TV… nothing helped with the stress. I was too anxious to read a good book and quickly lost hope of keeping on track for the school year. 

Enter, crochet. I fell in love as soon as I saw my holey, bobbly hat that I made on a whim. It was too loose to be warm, but I wore that hat every day the entire winter until I learned to make something of higher quality. 

I started making things for everyone in my life – friends, family, and even pets! 

Flash forward 10 years, and my husband and dogs love everything I make them. We’re constantly kitted out with crochet items, and the house is full of them too. 

I created this website because I want to inspire others to use crochet to make them happy. The craft pulled me through some difficult times, and if I could help just one person the same way crochet helped me, I’d be incredibly grateful.

Please, enjoy my website, and happy crafting!