How To Crochet Letters (Monogram Crochet)

Crocheting is a difficult pastime to learn, and is even harder to become proficient in, however, with enough practice and the right kind of tuition, you too can become a master of the arts. 

Once you reach a level of comfort and proficiency with crocheting, there are numerous techniques you can employ to make new crocheted items.

How To Crochet Letters (Monogram Crochet)

One example is crocheting lettering – something that might sound scary in principle, but which can become second nature with the right method and enough practice. 

But how exactly can you crochet lettering, and what are the steps involved? 

What Is A Monogram Crochet? 

Monogram crochet is the process of crocheting letters into a crocheted surface – such as a blanket, sweater, or doily. 

This might seem confusing, especially when you take into account the fiddly and often time consuming nature of crocheting, however, there are several simple steps you can follow to make your dream a reality. 

Why Would You Crochet A Monogram?

As mentioned previously, there are numerous reasons why you would want to crochet a monogram onto an existing design. It could be for a crocheted sweater, for decorative purposes, or for cushion covers. 

Perhaps the most common reason is for making baby blankets, which are then often decorated with either the initials of the baby’s name, or indeed something simple and less personalized – such as ‘ABC’ etc. 

How Can I Crochet Letters?

Luckily, when it comes to crocheting a monogram onto an existing blanket, it couldn’t be simpler to make this happen – providing you stick to the following steps. 

Step One

Firstly, you need to make a stitch chart. To do this, you can use graph paper, and this will allow you to mark out and represent the dimensions of the blanket, and the positioning of the lettering you want. 

Identify the area of the blanket where you are wanting to put the letters, and either use paper cutouts to signify on the pattern, or use stencils or some other method.

The trick is to make sure the dimensions are accounted for, being sure to double check that there is enough room for them. 

Step Two

The next step is to count the stitches from the sides of the letters to the end of the blanket. 

This will ensure that when it comes to crocheting, the letters will end up exactly where you intend them to be.

Failure to properly measure the distances between the letters and the edge of the blanket could lead to improper placement of the letters on the final product, or mismatching dimensions that look wrong. 

Step Three

Next you need to place an ‘x’ on the graph paper to represent where each stitch will go.

While you do not need to map out the entire map on the graph paper, it is important to map out the sections where you would like the letters to be. 

It is also important to bear in mind that you are working to a grid pattern.

This means that letters that are curved will be more angular than you perhaps intended, and will have flat edges where normally a curve would be. 

Step Four

For this next part, you will be starting the first letter. 

You will need to make a slipknot and place it on your crocheting hook, looping your yarn around your index finger, as well as your middle finger, twice.

The next stage is to pull the first loop through the second loop, and then pull on the tail to secure the knot in place. 

Step Five

Once you are properly hooked, you will need to insert the hook through the stitch where you want the first letter to start.

This is where your crocheting chart will come in handy, and you can use this to ensure you have everything where it needs to be. 

This should be on the front of the blanket, and you should then turn it over once the hook has passed through. 

Step Five

Next you need to thread the yarn over the hook and then pull it back through the stitch. This is a slip stitch – which will anchor the yarn to the blanket, and ensure that you have a tight, secure piece at the end.  

The yarn itself should remain on the backside of the blanket, meaning the front shows the letter itself. 

Step Six

You should then begin to work a single crochet stitch into the next space on the letter.

You can do this by putting the hook into the stitch, looping the yarn over, pulling the first loop through, and then pulling the yarn over again and passing it through the remaining twp stitches on the row. 

Step Seven

Now you have the hang of things, you should be more than able to finish your letters. 

Once the first letter is complete, tie off the stitch and cut off the excess yarn. Then thread the loose end through the last stitch, and pull tight to ensure it remains tight and secure. 

Once you have done this, you can then do the same for all the remaining letters you want to create – being sure to follow the same process as described above, and checking your crocheting graph each time to make sure you remain in the right position and completely aligned. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about monogram crocheting, and how to crochet letters. 

It’s true that crocheting can be a difficult and time consuming process – especially, in the earlier stages of learning.

However, after enough practice, it can soon become a relaxing, rewarding, and above all else, fun experience for you to enjoy. 

So if you are looking for a new hobby, or you are wanting to crochet some letters, then why not give this method a try? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!

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