How To Start A Crochet Chain: Crochet Chains Made Easy

If you are a crochet newbie, crochet chains can seem a bit daunting.

It looks extremely complex from the outside, however, getting the hang of it is not so hard, and once you have a rhythm with your crochet, you’ll be firing out crochet chains left right, and center.

How To Start A Crochet Chain

But, how to start a crochet chain? Let us tell you!

An Introduction To Crochet Chains

One of the benefits of crochet is that once you have a rhythm to it, it can be very relaxing. Yet, starting can be hard, and crochet chains are one of the first things you need to learn. 

There are generally three methods that you could use to start a crochet chain, some patterns do require you to use specific methods, however, most do not.

It is best that you understand all of them as a beginner, so you are not taken by surprise when trying a new chain later on. 

Many methods are similar to one another, but all have their own differences that you should consider. 

Let us walk you through the process of starting a crochet chain.

How To Start A Crochet Chain

A beginning chain should have three loops, a top, bottom, and back ridge loop. The loops at the bottom and top will create a shape that looks like a ‘V’ on the front.

The back ridge loop is in the middle of the stitch at the rear of your chain. 

As a beginner, crochet chains are one of the first you learn as it is one of the easiest ones to learn, so do not despair. While it sounds complex, it is not, and working on them consistently will give you clean and even chains.

Working Into The Beginning Chain

Let’s now look at the three primary ways you get work into your crochet chain.

Crochet Through The Top Loop

Typically, for those who are new to crochet, the easiest method to use to get your crochet chain going is to insert your crochet hook through the top loop.

This loop is the easiest to pick up and see. You will have 2 threads of yarn on top of your hook in this method.

Crochet Through The Bottom Loop

Crocheting this way means that you just pick up the top and back ridge loop, so you have a singular loop at the end of your fabric.

Remember, a crochet chain will look just like a chain, so you are just using the loop at the bottom end of the chain, instead of the top one.

In this method, you have a single thread of yarn on top of your hook.

How To Start A Crochet Chain (1)

Crochet Through The Back Ridge Loop

Crocheting through the back ridge loop is probably best reserved after you have had some practice with the previous two methods. It uses the loop of the back side of the chain.

As you insert your hook into this lop, the top and bottom loops end up becoming the fabric edge. 

This technique gives you a beginning edge that looks a lot like the one at the top. It is a lesser-used technique but is worth learning after some practice with the previous methods.

How To Make A Crochet Chain: Step-By-Step

  1. Getting started with hook & yarn. Start off by making a slip knot on the hook, hold the knot with your hand between your middle finger and thumb, with the knot facing you. The strand of yarn should rest over your index finger, between your middle finger, and over your palm. 

Keep your crochet hook facing upward toward you to make sure you have a good grip. 

  1. Looping the yarn over the hook. Now you should loop your yarn over the hook in an anti-clockwise motion. Use your hand to turn more if needed, but try to keep fluid movements. Once turned, pull the hook down and through the current loop.
  1. Crafting a chain. You have now made a single-chain stitch. You need to make another one now, to do this, pull the yarn over and create another loop as in the previous steps. 

As you continue creating your chain, it is a good idea to move your index finger and thumb over your fresh stitches. Doing so helps you to maintain more control and tension as you continue to make your chain.

Top Tips For Crochet Chains

  • You should count your chain stitches. You do not need to count the clip knot, or the loop on your hook, however, once your first chain stitch is made you should start keeping count of them so that you can keep track of how many you have done. 
  • Try to maintain tension. Even tension is hard to maintain, but this comes with practice and experience. Keeping an even tension helps to keep your chains even and smooth. You should apply enough tension to make your chains smooth but not too tight.
  • Do not be afraid to alter things. Not everyone will crochet the same way, and there are many ways to hold your yarn and position the hook. As a beginner, experimentation will help you to find out what works best for you. 


As a beginner to crochet, learning all about the tips, tricks, and steps to take for each stitch, loop, and hook technique can be a lot. Save our page and keep up to date, and never stop practicing. 

Crochet chains are an easy place to start and are a perfect way for beginners to get an understanding of how crochet works.

Practice is half the battle, and with practice, you can get the hang of crochet chains in no time at all and will soon move on to more complex techniques.

The best way to learn these methods is to put them into motion.

Nancy Adriane