The Best Yarn For Crochet Beginners: A Full Round-Up

A Guide To The Best Lion Brand Yarn For Crochet Beginners

But what kind of yarn is going to be best suited for a beginner? There are so many great products online. Where do you start?

Well, we know all about crochet. It would not be a stretch to say that we are pros. Even with many years of experience, we still get confused every so often. 

But because we have been doing crochet for so long, we have a good idea of what yarn will be best suited for a beginner. The best place to start is with a good brand like Lion Yarn. 

This is why in this article we have found all the best Lion Yarns which are best suited for crochet beginners. 

Which Lion Yarn Is Best For Crochet Beginners

In this section, we are going to take a closer look at what Lion Brand yarn is best suited for beginners.

There are quite a few fantastic options to choose from, so let’s take a look!


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The first yarn product on our list has to be Lion Brand’s Pound of Love. This is an acrylic yarn which makes it ideal for beginners.

It is a soft yarn that remains durable even after several washes. You can use this yarn for many different projects including garments, and best of all it is not a very itchy yarn.

It is also resistant to frogging which makes it ideal for beginners. 

Let’s take a look at what the pros and cons are of using this Lion Brand yarn down below: 


  • Price - Comes in a wide range of colors.
  • Fiber - This is an acrylic yarn that is beginner friendly. 
  • Quantity - You get a good 1,020 yards of yarn within one skein. 
  • Softness - This yarn is soft which makes it ideal for making blankets and garments.


  • Smell - There were a few customers that found that this yarn had a mildew smell. 
  • Color Shade - The color yarn purchased does not always match the picture. 

You get really great value for money with this product. A lot of high-quality yarn can be purchased for a reasonable price.


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This yarn is primarily made using acrylic fiber, but there are some colors that will have rayon in the mix.

But this does not take away from the superb quality of this Lion brand yarn.

This yarn can be used to make just about anything you like and it is beginner friendly. 

If you want to get an idea of what makes this yarn both good and bad, check out the list below:


  • Packs - This skein of yarn comes in a one-pack or a three-pack. 
  • Colors - You have a wide variety of colors to choose from with this yarn. 
  • Price - This product can be purchased at a very reasonable price. 
  • Fiber - This yarn is made from acrylic fiber which is ideal for crochet beginners.


  • Color Tone - Some people thought that the tone was not as they expected. 
  • Knots Easily - Some people thought that this yarn knotted when mistakes happened.

It is important that you pay careful attention to the dye lot number for this yarn as it can be temperamental with its variety. 


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This is one of the best yarns on the market, especially for beginners. It is easy to use which means that even beginners will be able to make beautiful projects with it. 

Below we have listed the pros and cons associated with this Lion brand yarn product: 


  • Price - This yarn comes at a very reasonable and budget-friendly price. 
  • Fiber - This is made from acrylic fibers which makes it perfect for beginners. 
  • Packs - You can choose to purchase this skein as a single or a three-pack. 
  • Colors - There are a wide variety of fun colors to choose from with this wool.


  • Quantity - This is not a large skein of yarn. 
  • Shades - Some people found that the shade of yarn differs from batch to batch. 

This is quite a thick yarn which makes it quite easy to use. That being said, wool can be a bit fiddly for beginners to get used to.


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Cotton is known for being more fiddly than most of the other fiber types. As such you need to be certain that the yarn you get is of good quality.

This is one of our favorite cotton yarns so if you want to get started using cotton yarn for the first time, this is going to be the ideal yarn for you.

Do you want to learn about what makes this product stand out from the rest?

Take a look at the pros and cons list we have included below: 


  • Weight - This is a worsted-weight yarn which makes it the perfect weight for beginners. 
  • Price - This yarn can be bought for a reasonably low price, making it budget-friendly. 
  • Colors - You get to choose from a series of fun and beautiful colors. 
  • Pack - You get to choose between a three-pack or a single pack of yarn.


  • Cotton - Cotton is not the easiest fiber to work with for a beginner. 
  • Stiff - Some people thought that this yarn was a bit stiff. 

The wide variety of pretty colors really makes this a good choice for those of you that need several colors for your projects.

You can use it for so many different projects!


[amazon fields=”B00KKV0EJG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This yarn is a wonder to work with, it is ideal for both beginners and advanced crocheters alike. It is made using acrylic fibers which is yet another reason why it is so easy to use.

On top of that it is the perfect weight which just goes further to make this the perfect yarn for a beginner. 

Getting an idea of what the pros and cons are for a product can help you to decide what option to go with. It is, for this reason, we have a pros and cons list below: 


  • Multicolored - This yarn can be bought in several multi-color and ombre colors. 
  • Packs - This product can be bought as a single skein or as a three-pack. 
  • Fiber - This yarn is made using acrylic fiber which is known for being beginner friendly. 
  • Easy Care - This yarn is easy to care for once you have a product crocheted.


  • Shipment Issues - Some people received yarn that was the wrong color or shade. 
  • Weak Yarn - Some people found that this yarn snapped easily while in use. 

You can just imagine using this yarn to make a beautiful hat or scarf. You will get to enjoy a truly luxurious crochet project with this yarn. 

What Kind Of Fiber Is Best For Crochet Beginners?

It is important to understand how different fibers can impact how a yarn behaves when it is on your crochet hooks. 

You would be surprised how different each of the fibers looks and feel.

As such it is important for you to consider what your fiber is made from and that is what we are going to go over in this section. 

Is Acrylic Yarn Good For Beginners?

Acrylic fiber is the most popular yarn for crocheting. It is used by beginners and experienced people alike.

What really makes this fiber a good choice is that it is affordable while also being easy to work with. 

This fiber is also good because it is quite durable. It can be washed and used many times over and it will still be in good condition.

Being able to wash your blankets in a machine really makes a difference, especially since many crochet blankets are stored away for a lot of the year. 

What is acrylic yarn best suited to? We have listed a few options below for you to consider: 

  • Afghans
  • Blankets
  • Hats
  • Scarves

But yarn made from this fiber can be used to make some garments as well, this would be a good idea if you are allergic to will or you don’t like the feel of acrylic yarn on your skin.

One reason that acrylic yarn is used for larger projects is because of its affordable price. 

There are likely going to be things that acrylic yarn is not best suited to. We have listed some projects you are better off not using acrylic yarn for below: 

  • Garments
  • Potholders
  • Trivets

Garments can be made with this kind of yarn but it does not hold heat very well.

It can also melt which is why using it to make potholders or trivets is not a good idea. 

Is Wool Yarn Good For Beginners? 

Wool yarn is one of the best choices for someone new to crochet. It is a resilient yarn and one that can stand up to mistakes.

You can use it to make a variety of clothing items like hats, mittens, scarves, winter sweaters, and more. Just make sure that you do not have a wool allergy before you use this kind of yarn. 

Is Cotton Yarn Good For Beginners? 

Cotton is a little more challenging for a beginner to use in crochet projects.

This is lighter wool that can be used to make some fantastic summer projects. Cotton yarn is best suited for making some of the following: 

  • Dish Cloths
  • Wash Cloths
  • Pot Holders
  • Trivets
  • Rugs
  • Totes
  • Beach Towels

There are obviously other projects you could work on, but these are among the best ideas for cotton yarn. 

Does Weight Make Yarn Easier To Harder To Use?

The label of the yarn that you purchase should tell you what fiber your yarn is made from as well as what your yarn weight is.

But what does the weight mean for crochet? In essence, the weight of a yarn is referring to how thick it is.

Your scale will range from one to seven with one being the lightest yarn and seven being quite a bulky yarn. 

Below we have listed the weights of yarn and what they mean about the yarn type: 

  • Lace: Fingering 10-count crochet thread – 0
  • Superfine: Fingering, Baby-Weight – 1
  • Fine: Sport – 2
  • Light: DK, Light Worsted – 3
  • Medium: Worsted-Weight, Afghan, Aran – 4
  • Bulky: Chunky, Craft, Rug – 5
  • Super Bulky: Super Bulky, Roving – 6
  • Jumbo: Jumbo, Roving – 7

As a beginner, the best yarn weight for you is a 4, this can otherwise be called a worsted-weight yarn.

This term references a medium-weight yarn which is heavier than double knitting yarn, Sports weight yarn, baby and fingering yarn. 

A four-weight yarn is great because it is quite easy to use comfortably with a pair of crochet hooks.

Once you get the hang of crochet you can move on to different weights and start experimenting. 

How Are Different Yarns Sold? 

If you are indeed new to crochet, you are going to come across a series of strange words on your yarn and you may not quite understand what they mean.

So, in this section, we are going to go over some of the terminology associated with the ways that different crochet yarn is sold. 


A ball of yarn is just what it sounds like. You will find that the yarn will be in a ball shape. This kind of yarn can only be used from the outside and there will never be a center pull with a ball of yarn.

There are not a lot of balls of yarn sold in stores. But it is a good way for crocheters to organize the yarn that is left over from a project. 


You will find that a skein of yarn is one of the most popular products you will find in a craft store.

This yarn will be done on a machine and will have a kind of oblong shape. Some skeins of yarn have a center pull but the majority of them are not. 


If you are looking to purchase or have seen indie, luxury, or hand-dyed yarns they will likely be sold in a hank.

A hand is essentially a yarn which is a long look of twisted yarn. The main negative of a hank is that it is not easy to crochet directly from.

To use it you may need to wind the yarn into a ball or a cake to make it easier to use while you are crocheting. 


If you are purchasing a cake of yarn then you are going to be getting a yarn that is flat on the top and the bottom. They will usually have a center pull.

There are quite a few cakes of yarn to be found on store shelves. They are super easy to use because of the center pull design. 

You can also store leftover yarn in a cake format. The fact that it is flatter makes it easy to stack a cake of yarn.

You have got to love yarn that is easy to store! It is a great way to keep things tidy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we are going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions so that you can learn to understand what makes good yarn for crochet beginners: 

What Kind Of Yarn Is Best For Beginner Crochet?

It is best to look for a yarn that is inexpensive, smooth, worsted, or bulky-weighted yarn.

It is also advisable to use a single color as this will be less distracting and confusing for beginners. You should use acrylic or wool fiber yarn as well as they are less fiddly. 

What Is The Best Yarn And Hook For Beginner Crochet?

As a beginner, you need to start off using a worsted-weight yarn along with a size H-8 hook.

This is a great middle-of-the-road duo that will make getting into a rhythm much easier for a beginner. 

What Is The First Thing A Beginner Should Crochet?

As a beginner, you may be best off doing something simple like a scarf or another rectangular project.

This way you can simply focus on crocheting and not doing things that are overcomplicated. 

Is Thicker Or Thinner Yarn Easier To Crochet?

It is easier for you to use a thicker yarn for crochet. But you can easily use a thinner yarn if you are willing to take a dive into the deep end.

Both options are easy to get the hang of, but thicker yarn will be easier if you have never crocheted before. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about which Lion Yarn is best suited to those of you that are new to crochet.

This art is a really underrated craft, but it is making a resurgence. You can make so many different things with just a good quality yarn and a pair of crochet hooks.

From beautiful clothes to trendy household decorations. With high quality yarn at your side, you will be unstoppable. 

With all of that said, if you have found this article interesting or useful, we recommend that you check out our website when you get the chance.

We cover a wide range of related topics. You are sure to find something that will teach you something new or even inspirational. 

Thanks for reading! 

Nancy Adriane