How To Treble Crochet (Triple Crochet Stitch For Beginners)

If you want to take your crochet work to new heights then it’s a great idea to learn how to treble crochet.

When you start with crochet, you usually stick to the single crochet stitch and occasionally add some double crochets. But treble crochets can give your work a new look.

How To Treble Crochet

Sometimes also called the triple crochet stitch, treble crochets may look difficult but they follow exactly the same principle as singles and doubles.

In this practical guide, we show you to treble crochet in rows and in rounds.

How To Treble Crochet

A treble crochet stitch may look complex but they are relatively easy to work with. 

If you want to start a piece of work with a treble crochet, then you need to work your first trebles into the foundation chain.

Alternatively, you can also start off with a 14-chain foundation chain to practice treble crochets.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a treble crochet.

Step 1: Make Your First Treble Crochet Stitch

First, wrap the yarn around your crochet hook twice. You should see three loops of yarn on your hook now.

Now, skip the first four chains on your foundation chain and insert the crochet hook into chain number five. The skipped chains are your first treble stitch.

Next, yarn over and pull the yarn through the fifth chain. This will give you four loops on your crochet hook.

Now you need to yarn over again and draw two loops through. This leaves you with three loops on your hook.

Then, yarn over a third time and draw through another two loops. This leaves now two loops on your hook.

Yarn over a final time and draw the last two loops through. This completes your first treble crochet.

Step 2: Work The First Row

Now that you have your first treble crochet, you simply repeat the steps. You don’t need to jump any stitches now as you continue to work your first row.

Once you finish this row, it’s worth counting your stitches. If you started practicing treble crochet with a 14-chain foundation chain, then you see 11 stitches now.

Step 3: Work The Second Row

Now that you completed your first row, simply turn your work and start off by chaining 4. The chain 4 is your first stitch of this row.

Carry on working your treble crochets across the full length of the row. Make sure that you jump the first stitch and work your first treble crochet into the second stitch.

Then work a treble crochet into each stitch of the second row. 

When you come to the end of the row, remember to add the final treble crochet into the top of your turning chain from the row before.

Again, make sure to count your stitches. If you are working with the 14-chain practice piece, then you should see 11 treble stitches now.

How To Treble Crochet In Rounds

Treble crochets can look beautiful in any crochet project, especially where the stitch is worked in the round.

Here are the steps on how you can work treble crochets in rounds that are joined.

Step 1: Make The Foundation Chain

Start off with a foundation chain of any length and join the last stitch through a slip stitch to the first chain. This creates the first round.

How To Treble Crochet

Step 2: Work Your First Treble Crochet

In order to work your first treble crochet in the round, chain 4 and work your first treble in the second stitch of the round.

Continue to work along the chain adding a treble crochet into each chain. Once you get to the last stitch, make sure to use a slip stitch to join the last stitch of this round with the first stitch of the previous round.

Step 3: Create A New Round Of Treble Crochets

After you finished your first round, chain 4 and start your second rouble of treble crochet stitches.

How To Increase Treble Crochet Stitches

You increase treble crochets in the same way as you increase singles, doubles and other stitches.

Simply add two treble crochet stitches in the same stitch from the foundation or previous row.

Crochet patterns that require treble crochet increase typically use the words “2 tr in next st” or “tr inc”.

How To Decrease Treble Crochet Stitches

Similar to increasing treble crochet, you can also decrease your treble crochet stitches. 

However, decreases are a little more complex as you have to work with two stitches at the same time.

A treble crochet decrease is indicated in a crochet pattern by “tr2tog” or “tr dec”.

Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to decrease treble crochets.

Step 1: Work The Treble Crochet Until Two Loops Remain

Work your treble crochet as normal until you get to the final step where there are two loops left on your hook.

Step 2: Work Another Stitch

Keep these two loops and then insert your crochet hook into the stitch next to the one you just worked. Now, add a second treble crochet until the final step.

You should now have three loops on your hook.

Step 3: Yarn Over And Pull Through Remaining Loops

Now you just need to yarn over and pull the yarn through the three loops that are still left on your hook.

Top Tips For Working Treble Crochet

Here are some easy tips to help you get started with your treble crochets.

Use A Stitch Marker

It’s a good idea to use a stitch marker for counting your rows. This allows you to keep track of where you are in your crochet pattern.

Keep An Eye On Your Tension

It’s important to apply consistent tension throughout your stitches and your crochet work. If you vary the tension, then this could impact the shape and size of your crochet piece.


Just like with any new crochet stitch that you learn, it takes some time and practice to understand how treble crochet stitches work.

Final Thoughts

Once you know how to treble crochet, you have the skills to work on crochet projects that require more complex stitches.

Nancy Adriane