Is Crocheting Hard?

When you are crocheting for the first time you will definitely notice just how awkward and slow the process feels. Every single stitch will feel like a challenge, and because of this, many beginner crocheters get discouraged very quickly.

Once you have only completed a couple of stitches, you might be left wondering if you will actually be able to get through a whole project.

This is why it is worth pointing out that crocheting is definitely going to be hard when you are just starting out.

Is Crocheting Hard?

To get good at crocheting, you will need to take the time and practice to build up the motor coordination needed as well as the muscle memory to make the project simple and much easier.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to crocheting, especially when you are a beginner, is to take on projects which are appropriate for your skill level.

Taking on projects which are the right difficulty level or easier, will feel appropriately challenging, but taking on something above your level will definitely be discouraging.

So, if you have just started crocheting, and are wondering if everyone finds it this hard, or if you are considering starting, keep in mind that it is supposed to be that hard, and in the beginning it will be a hump you need to overcome.

The process of crocheting will not always be difficult however, everyone who has gotten good at crocheting will know that there is a point where it will start to feel more natural, and from that point onwards you will have overcome the hump, and it will keep getting easier from that point.

For the rest of this article we will be going through all the main reasons why we think crocheting can be particularly difficult, and how these issues can be overcome.

By doing this, you can isolate what particular issues you might be having and work out what you need to do to get better. Some issues will impact you more than others, so keep this in mind!

Why Is Crocheting Hard?

It Is Difficult To Build The Motor Co-Ordination Skills

This is an issue which will be easier for some to overcome compared to others.

The level of co ordination which you need to crochet successfully will take quite a while to build up for some people, especially if you do not have experience doing something similar with your hand.

To crochet, you will be manipulating your hook using your dominant hand, and then moving the yarn using your non dominant hand, and during all of this, you will also need to keep control of the rest of the project as well.

The process of crocheting means you will need to be creating crochet stitches using subtle movements of your hands and fingers in quick succession.

These are not natural movements, and it is not likely that you will have done them before if you have never crocheted, so learning how to do them can be quite a challenge.

Creating just one stitch in crocheting takes multiple steps, and learning these can be quite difficult, so you need to be patient with yourself when learning this.

This step will not be as challenging for people who have experience with other craft skills like knitting or embroidery, however, it can still be a challenge. But if you are new, expect a steep learning curve. 

Muscle Memory Takes Time To Build Up

Is Crocheting Hard?

If you have become familiar with the movements which are needed for crocheting and creating the correct stitches, then the movements will eventually start to feel repetitive, and then making crochet stitches will start to feel a lot more natural.

This will then help you develop a muscle memory for crocheting, and this is when your crocheting will start to feel a lot more natural for you.

Developing a muscle memory makes any task which uses your body easier, and once you have done this for crocheting, you can start to do it automatically.

When you first start crocheting, it will need all of your attention, but once you have built up the muscle memory, you will not need to pay that much attention and will be able to do it in the background while doing other activities.

Knowing How To Choose Projects

One of the most important things you need to know when crocheting to make it as simple as possible for you is to know what your skill level is, and choose projects based on this.

One of the main reasons why people get discouraged when crocheting is because they jump into projects which are above their skill level.

If you do not take the time to master the fundamental skills needed, you will not be able to do more advanced techniques, and this can lead to getting overwhelmed very quickly.

Try to get advice from other crochet enthusiasts on what projects will be good for the skill level you are at. These projects will always be rewarding, even if you think they will not when you simply think of the idea.

You need to build up your skills, otherwise you will very quickly get burnt out. Even if you have previous experience with similar hobbies, you will still want to take the time to build up your skill level.

Summary – It Gets Easier With Time And Practice

Crocheting, like a lot of other skills like it, will get much easier the more time you give it. This is why we recommend learning in a way which you find engaging and entertaining.

Sometimes getting to the point where you feel comfortable crocheting can be rough, so if you find the process of learning enjoyable, this will encourage you.

This is why we recommend testing and sampling different methods of learning to see which encourages you the most to keep practicing.

For example, some people love learning from books and guides, while other prefer YouTube tutorial series, while others benefit from in person or online classes.

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