How To Crochet A Triangle

There is no doubt about it, crochet can be a difficult and frustrating activity – especially when you are just starting out. 

As with any new hobby, learning the basics can be hard enough – never mind the more difficult elements that come later. One example is crocheting triangular patterns – something that can certainly take some getting used to.

How To Crochet A Triangle

So how exactly do you crochet triangles, and what tips and tricks are there to learn? 

How Hard Is Crocheting? 

Unfortunately, like most new endeavors, crocheting can be hard, (see also: Is Crocheting Hard?)and it takes time, patience, and fine motor skills to master. This can out a lot of people off, but for those resilient enough to stick at it, it can be a rewarding experience. 

How Long To Become Good At Crocheting? 

To master the basics of crocheting, many say it only takes a few hours – especially with the resources like the internet that we have at our disposal.

Once upon a time it would take an elderly relative to teach us the basics, but now we can watch tutorials online and get to grips in no time. 

For more complex patterns and arrangements, it can take anywhere up to a year of regular practice to become completely proficient in crocheting – but if you can take the knocks then when they inevitably come, and stick at it, you will soon get the hang of it in no time. 

How To Master A Triangle Stitch?

In this first method, we will show you how to create a triangle stitch, which is perhaps the most simple way of creating your first crocheted triangle. 

Step One

This method begins with creating a foundation chain – that is, a series of chain stitches in multiples of three, in order to create a sturdy enough base for the triangle to be formed upon. 

You will need to begin work by tying a slipknot onto your crocheting hook, before proceeding with the number of chain stitches you want. These could consist of 19 (18 + 1), 22 (21 + 1), or 31 (30 + 1) chain stitches in total. 

Step Two

Once you have created your chain, the next step is to single crochet across the chain itself. Work a single crochet into the second stitch from the hook, followed by a single crochet in each stitch of the previous row – continuing until you reach the end of the row. 

Once you have done this, turn the piece over to begin the next step. 

Step Three

Once you have done your first chain stitch, the next step is to make four of them in total. These should be worked from the loop that is already on your hook. This will count as one double half crochet, and two chain stitches in a set. 

Step Four

For step four, you then need to yarn over as you pick up the stitches, being sure to avoid the first stitch of the previous row, and proceeding from the second stitch onwards – catching the yarn on the other side of the stitch once you have hooked it through. 

Then pull the yarn back through to the front of the stitch, and repeat the process twice more, moving to the next stitch in the following row each time. 

This is the main step that actually starts to form the triangular shape, and once you nail those first tricky parts, you will be on your way!

Step Five

Step five requires you to draw through seven loops  – once again wrapping the yarn around your hook, and then looping it back and forth through the seven loops that were previously collected on the hook. 

Step Six

How To Crochet A Triangle (1)

For this next step, you then need to form two chain stitches, creating them from the loop that is still on your hook. This will help create that all too necessary gap between your triangle stitches.

Step Seven

The next step is to make a second triangle stitch, being sure to follow the same technique described above. 

This means: 

  • Put the yarn over the hook, before inserting the hook through the last stitch you tied the triangle onto. 
  • Put the yarn over the back and then thread it through to the front of the stitch. 
  • Draw the yarn over the hook, put it through the next stitch, catching the yarn at the back, and threading it back through to the front. This should then be repeated on the following stitch. 
  • Gather seven loops on the hook, before pulling the yarn over and threading it through the seven loops. 

By following what you have learned again, you will have then created your second triangle stitch. 

Step Eight

You then need to repeat this process to the end of the row, creating two chain stitches, and then repeating yet another triangle.

Step Nine

Next, chain once, then make another double half crochet (see also: How To Do A Half-Double Crochet)- drawing into the last single crochet on the previous row. Once you have done this, turn the thing over again. 

Step Ten

To proceed to the next row, work one chain stitch away from the loop on the hook. 

Step Eleven

Then you need to single crochet along the row, being sure to follow this pattern: 

  • Single crochet in the first stitch
  • Single crochet once in the first chain from the previous row
  • Single crochet twice in the two chains of the previous row
  • Put a single crochet (see also: How To Start A Crochet Chain)into the second loop of the original chain 
  • Turn the work over once more

Step Twelve

Once you have done all of the above steps, you can then repeat as needed. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to crochet a triangle!

It’s true that crochet can be a tricky experience when you first get started, however, after time and practice it can really be a rewarding, relaxing, and most importantly, a fun and entertaining way to pass the time!

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