How To Crochet Left-Handed

Sometimes, it feels as if life just isn’t quite set up for us lefties the same way as it is for right-handed people. I remember at school I’d always get given right-handed scissors and would butcher anything I would try to cut.

I also remember having smeared ink across my palm from writing too. And then as I grew up and started crocheting, I thought, it’s happening again. 

How To Crochet Left-Handed

Another little thing that is just that bit more difficult because I’m left-handed. 

I’m sure you’ve also experienced similar frustrations. Well, there is no longer a need to learn to crochet backward anymore as they did years ago, so I suppose that’s a bonus.

And thanks to Youtube, it’s never been easier to follow along with helpful lefty-focused crocheting tutorials and you can even find left-handed crochet patterns online. Things are definitely on the up. 

And in this guide, we’re going to delve deeper into crocheting left-handing, so all my fellow lefties, follow me. Crocheting life is about to get a whole lot easier. 

The Basics Of Left-Handed Crochet 

So, essentially, left-handed crochet is basically the mirror image of right-handed crochet. Instead of the hook being held in the right hand, it’s in the left. A left-handed individual would then hold their yarn of choice in their right hand. 

The process of learning to hold and use your hook and yarn will be very much similar to that of any right-handed person though.

You’ll just want to follow the instructions in your tutorial or from your pattern – just make sure that the directions you’re following are for left-handers.

Over time, you’ll also naturally learn what hand movements and placements are best and most comfortable for you. 

However, if you’re following a right-handed pattern or tutorial, which generally they tend to be, then you’ll need to work in the opposite direction.

You can still follow all the instructions as told, as I say, you’ll just need to change the direction in which you crochet. 

This usually means that row one will be worked into the foundation chain starting on the left and then making your way to the right.

As a left-handed crocheter, you’ll notice that you work clockwise as opposed to the right-handed crocheter who will instead work counter-clockwise. 

How To Crochet – Tips For Different Stitches 

Okay, so now let’s go through some of the common stitches and see how you’ll go about them as a leftie. 

1. Getting Started

  • Create a slip knot on your hook 
  • Yarn over. Remember that you’ll need to scoop the yarn clockwise with your hook to pick the yard up.
  • Draw the hook through the loop. Again, remember to scoop your yarn clockwise. 
  • Repeat steps two and three to create one chain. Create as many chains as needed. 
How To Crochet Left-Handed

2. Single Crochet 

  • Crochet your foundation chain to the size required
  • Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook. Because you’re left-handed the chain should be extended to the right and the hook should be inserted into the second chain on the right. 
  • Yarn over clockwise
  • Draw through the loop. By the end of this step, you should have two loops on your hook.
  • Yarn over again. Clockwise still. 
  • Draw through both loops this time to create your first single crochet. 
  • Insert the hook into your next chain and then repeat steps 3-6. Continue doing this until you complete a row. 

3. Double Crochet

  • Crochet your foundation chain to the size required
  • Yarn over. Clockwise. 
  • Insert your hook into the fourth chain from the hook. So, this will be the fourth chain towards the right as you are working from left to right away from your hook. 
  • Yarn over. Clockwise. 
  • Draw through the loop. You should now be able to see three loops on your hook. 
  • Yarn over, clockwise, and then draw through the first and second loop on the hook. 
  • Yarn over, clockwise, then draw through the two loops that are on your hook to complete the first double crochet. 
  • Yarn over, clockwise, and then insert your crochet hook into your next stitch and repeat steps 4-7. Repeat this step until you have completed your row.
  • Turn your work. Chain 3 for turning chain. 
  • Yarn over, clockwise, and then insert your hook into the following stitch

Lefty Crocheter Tips

  • Tails Out – Make sure that you don’t crochet over your hanging tail as this can help you determine the right/wrong side of your work. The ‘right side’ will be when the tail hangs in the bottom right corner of your pattern. 
  • Clockwise – Ensure that you are always scooping the yarn clockwise when you yarn over. 
  • Reverse – You don’t always have to stick to left-hand patterns or visuals. You can use right ones too, just remember that you need to reverse the image and then use it as your guide. 

Lefty Crocheter Resources

Final Thoughts

Many decades ago, left-handed crocheting was all but impossible, but thankfully, as time has gone by, the crocheting world has got a whole lot more inclusive.

And thanks to the rise of the internet, there are bountiful resources, tutorials, patterns, and tips and tricks just waiting to be found to help us fellow left-handed crocheters get the most out of our projects. 

Hopefully, you’ve been able to better understand some of the basics of left-handed crocheting with this guide. We’ve gone over how you’ll go about most of the basic stitches, so you’re definitely on your way. 

Remember though, you don’t need to be limited to the left-handed patterns that are available, you can pretty easily get along just fine with the right-handed ones too.

All you need to remember is that you’ll be working in the opposite direction to whatever your instructions tell you to do. 

So what are you waiting for? There’s a whole host of crochet projects just begging to be made! 

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