How Much Yarn Do I Need To Crochet? – A Beginner Crochet Guide

Perhaps you are new to crocheting or are trying something new that is going to be more challenging for you than before, and now you are asking yourself how much yarn you need to crochet.

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Crochet

How Much Yarn Do I Need To Crochet?

If you are using a crochet pattern, it will likely tell you how much yarn you need. Following a pattern, you can follow the requirements through the “number of skeins”, or sometimes it will be listed as meters or yardage. 

Sometimes, a project won’t tell you what you need, or if you are attempting something unique, it can be difficult to wager a guess that won’t have you short on yarn.

It Depends! 

Ultimately, it depends on your project, there is no finite number that we can pull out of a hat for you. However, what we can do is give you numbers indicating how much yarn you should aim at getting.

However, let’s first look at what factors affect how much yarn you will need to use.

What Impacts The Amount Of Yarn You Need To Use

There are several primary factors that have an impact on how much yarn a crochet pattern needs. 

Yarn Weight

The first influencing factor is the weight of the yarn. The weight class of yarn (how thick it is) can make a massive difference as thick yarn takes up more space than thin yarn does. 

A great way to look at this is via WPI (wraps per inch). This measurement style requires you to use a ruler and an item with a consistent circumference for you to wrap the yarn around.

A pencil will do. Wrap your yarn side by side, with no overlaps), and then measure how many wraps there are per inch.

  • Lace will usually have a WPI of 30-40 or more.
  • Super fine yarn will have a WPI of 14-30.
  • Fine yarn will have a WPI of 12-18.
  • Light yarn will have a WPI of 11-15.
  • Medium yarn will have a WPI of 9-12.
  • Bulky yarn will have a WPI of 6-9.
  • Super Bulky yarn will have a WPI of 5-6.
  • Jumbo yarn will have a WPI of 1-4.

The Size Of Your Project

This is pretty self-explanatory, a blanket will require more yarn than socks after all. The larger the project is the more yarn you will need.

The Stitches You Are Using

Some crochet stitches use more yarn than others do. A triple stitch is 4 times more than a single stitch. Of course, while they look awesome, bobbles and popcorn stitches are crochet stitches that eat yarn fast.

Consider this as you plan your project.

Your Crochet Hook Size

How big your crochet hook is will determine how close your stitches are, the smaller your hook is, the tighter your stitches will be, and if they are bigger than the fabric will be looser. 

Gauge & Tension

Tension will be determined by the hook size and the tightness with which you hold your yarn. A looser tension will create fewer stitches per square inch, however, a tighter tension will have more.

Choosing the correct hook size can give you more tension, but this is something that comes with practice.

If you are a crochet veteran then you will already be aware that if you typically crochet tighter than what a pattern typically requires, your tension perfectness can be tested by following gauge sets by the pattern or by the yarn.

Calculate How Much Yarn You’ll Need For Your Pattern 

Your Project & Yarn Amounts

As you can see above, there are quite a few things to be considered when you are looking at how much yarn you need. 

Now, we can provide you with some vague yard amounts for the average size of a project and the yarn weight being used. Do remember that these are vague numbers and your project is unique and may require less or more.


Super fineFineLightMediumBulkySuper bulkyJumbo yarn
Pair of Socks400375350325300250175
Baby Blanket1,6001,5001,3001,000900800700

The amount of yarn needed per item will also vary. For example, a baby blanket and a king sized quilt are very different, therefore you will need varying amounts of yarn.

A baby blanket may only require 800 yards, but a king size blanket would need 10,000 yards, of the same yarn.

Things get more difficult with clothing like mittens/gloves and scarves. 

Let’s take a quick look at how to gauge how much yarn you will need for these.

Gloves/ Mittens


Gauge (Stitches per inch)Hand circumference 6 inchesHand circumference 7 inchesHand circumference 8 inches
2135 170 200 
3170 200 235



No. of stitches per inch6” by 40”8” by 60”10” by 70” 
2180 460750


The amount of yarn you will need to crochet will depend entirely on the project you have in mind. The type of yarn you intend to use will also play a big part, large/thick yarn will require more yardage than thinner yarn types. 

Consider the size of your project, and even your crochet hooks as well, as even the size of the crochet hook you use will impact how much yarn you need. 

In the end, it is still better to have too much than too little, so when unsure, anticipate the above.

Nancy Adriane