10 Crinoline Lady Motif Patterns (Perfect For Crochet Tote Bags!)

A crinoline is the structured part of a petticoat designed to keep a mid-19th-century dress. 

A crinoline lady is someone wearing that large bottom dress like a call back to vintage fashion. 

10 Beautiful Crinoline Lady Motif Patterns For Crochet Inspiration (Beautiful Decoration For A Tote Bag)

You can recreate the crinoline motif patterns in your crochet designs using pineapple techniques, embracing color, and discovering different perspectives.

1. Pineapple Design For A Crinoline Lady Motif

This intermediate design uses the pineapple crocheting technique to create the beautiful skirt of this doily. Once completed, the delicate design will be 21 inches tall and 23 inches wide for a dramatic centerpiece for your dining room.

Designed by Soledad Davis on Maggie’s Crochet, you’ll also have access to a second crinoline lady pattern when you buy this bundle.

The second pattern creates movement as the lady swings her dress through the air. We end up with a beautiful butterfly-like design as our lovely lady holds a bird in her palms.

The instructions are easy to follow and positively beautiful.

2. Beginner Friendly Patterns

We would never call a crinoline lady pattern simple, but this is the closest thing you’ll get to that term.

There are four patterns in this creation, separated and repeated to make a simple yet effective display texture. The end product will be 8 inches long, perfect for a small table or a tablecloth.

The instructions aren’t very specific, so although the pattern is simple (by comparison to others on this list), you may need help along the way.

3. Three Ladies About Town

There is a story in these patterns, as these three ladies are clearly friends taking on the town. You can make this set as a gift for your friends, or place them around your home as a way to connect styles from room to room.

The colors used in these patterns create a personality in themselves, but you can always change them to match themes in your home already.

4. Side Silhouette

Almost every crinoline pattern creates the lady as though we were looking at her back. There are some which take the front perspective, but very few explore the side view. 

Crochet And Patterns is one of the few pattern creators which considers the side view, and the design they have created is beautiful.

The additional touches, from the flowers in the bonnet and the flow lines in the dress, add life to the creation.

5. A Highly Textured Dress

There are three key elements to a crinoline lady – her skirt, her hair, and her body. In this piece by Crochet And Patterns, the design is focused on the skirt.

You’ll create intricate fans of a highly textured finish making the skirt stand out above everything else.

Like the side silhouette design by the same company, the instructions for this pattern aren’t great. However, they come with pictures which are more helpful than words.

Because of the additional thrills, we wouldn’t say it was appropriate for beginners.

6. Mix Crochet With Embroidery

Crafty Charlie has found an amazing crochet design in one of their vintage Alice Brooks books. 

The company has been kind enough to re-type the pattern and clean the images to make them clear once again.

Because half of the design is embroidered, you would need to draw the embroidered image into a blanket or other material and complete this section first. Once the embroidery has been completed, you can move on to crocheting.

This design works perfectly on a dining room table cover or a blanket.

7. Beautiful Crinoline Lady Motif Pattern Mixed With Spanish Flare

This classic Spanish clothing, around the same time as the crinoline style, uses lace to create flamenco dresses. The image is striking, creating movement with every motion.

You can recreate that look using Crochet Memories’s design, as they take the colors and essence of that style and merge it with the crinoline lady motif.

This design is considered intermediate, as creating the black ruffles requires steady hook control. The special stitch you will need for this creation is the double crochet decrease. Make sure you know that technique before attempting this pattern.

8. Side On Handkerchief Crinoline Lady

For another side-on design, we suggest following the Wee Designs pattern. They use the lady as a corner piece for handkerchiefs, but you can use the same concept on blankets, tablecloths, or table runs.

The design itself is from the 1950s and uses a fun color change creating a strong character in the crinoline lady. The rim around the handkerchief is the same color as her dress, creating a cohesive look for a present.

9. Simple Crochet Design

Crafty Charlie has another crochet and embroidery design that we want to share, but this time the crochet pattern is simpler.

If you are already very familiar with embroidery and are making the swap to crochet, this simple design could be the perfect chance for you to bring these two joys together.

The design leaves you with a vintage-style pillowcase design that used to be commonplace in the mid-1900s.

10. Valentine Crinoline Girl

For a change of pace, this crinoline girl is themed. It uses just two colors, white and red, but the control over these colors creates a sharp and beautiful contrast.

We would put the skill level at intermediate due to the delicate lace effect, and direct color changes. You’ll need to master the double crochet decrease stitch before attempting the pattern.

Final Thoughts

The crinoline lady was once a symbol of culture and wealth, in the Western past. Although many people don’t know what the term means anymore, they can still see the image and know exactly who this woman represents.

You can add the motif to your handkerchiefs, blankets, pillowcases, and table clothes, as they were intended. However, each of these designs would look perfect on a tote bag.

Nancy Adriane