10 Stylish Handbag Purse Crochet Patterns (Crochet Inspiration!)

Want to use your crochet skills to create something both fashionable and practical? These handbag purse crochet patterns are perfect for inspiring you to get making.

There’s nothing quite like a handmade purse for impressing your friends and family!

10 Beautiful Handbag Purse Crochet Patterns For Crochet Inspiration

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite handbag purse crochet patterns. You often need a careful hand to create the impressive visual finish to these bags, so most of the patterns are for advanced beginners and above.

But if you’re a beginner excited to push your skill level, take a look through these beautiful patterns, and see what appeals to you. 

From complex stitches to slouchy designs, these are our 10 favorite patterns for crochet purses.

1. The Lola Bag Crochet Purse

The little details of the Lola Bag crochet purse add touches of style to the flap top design, for a homemade bag that looks straight off the catwalk.

As an advanced beginner pattern, this is a good choice for anyone looking to stretch their skills. But to achieve a perfectly polished look, we would recommend this pattern for intermediate crochet fans at least. 

The stitches themselves aren’t overly complicated, but the overall pattern requires some skill with the crochet hook.

2. Braided Bobble Crochet Bag

It’s all about creating texture with the braided bobble crochet bag, a pattern that combines worsted and lightweight yarn to achieve a slightly mottled look, with braided bobbles adding further texture to the front of the bag.

Be careful when choosing your yarn, as the weight of the worsted yarn will affect the overall structure.

An intermediate pattern, the bag uses continuous rounds to create the base, with joined rounds making the bulk of the construction.

Pay close attention to the direction as you work the bag up, or you might end up with pieces that don’t match together.

3. French Market Mesh Crochet Bag

French style is all about casual chic, and that’s just what you get with this French market bag. Using a mesh style to create an open purse that’s perfect for trips to the market, this bag combines a simple stitch with an unusual construction.

Unlike other mesh bags, this isn’t created in the round. Instead, it uses large squares that are gathered at the side to create an expanding design. It’s a little tricky to understand, so make sure you know the anatomy of the stitch before you get started.

4. Sundance Crossbody Clutch Bag

The Sundance crossbody clutch is a day-to-night purse with a stylish finish and a practical build. Made using a bulky t-shirt yarn, the bag stretches to accommodate everything you need to keep inside. 

Although it looks complex, an advanced beginner should be comfortable with this handbag purse pattern. The body of the bag is created in the round, but the pattern provides different ways to construct the handle.

There’s also room for experimentation, so you can add your own personality to the pattern.

5. Chevron Bobble Tote Bag

The stand-out feature of this handbag purse crochet pattern is the bobble stitch section in the middle. It adds visual interest and texture to the bag, exploiting the popular bobble stitch.

The bobble stitches are carefully arranged in a chevron pattern, so they’re even more difficult to make than you might expect. Go carefully to ensure the line stays neat and that the stitches are even.

It’s a fun pattern to make, but not an easy one, as it exploits different stitches to create the structured finish.

6. Mosaic Crochet Bag

A two-tone tote, this mosaic-patterned crochet bag is created using three panels — two mosaic panels and one middle pan. Created separately, the three panels are then joined together to create a simple tote shape. 

The basics of this handbag purse are simple, with an amigurumi handle worked in the round. So, all the focus is on that mosaic pattern. Use two different colors to emphasize the crisp lines of the mosaic crochet.

7. Boho Crochet Tote Bag

The boho crochet tote bag has a slouchy finish and an expanding shape that’s perfect for summer shopping trips. The body of the handbag purse has been created in the round, using a combination of half double crochet stitches and wrapped double crochet stitches.

The contrasting stitches give the bag a loose finish and add some interest to the laid-back shape. 

Finally, a hanging tassel is the perfect boho decoration. 

8. Crochet Diamond Tote Bag

You work from the bottom up to create this crochet diamond tote bag, a purse that uses tapestry crochet to create a bold pattern. Beginning with a rectangular base created in rows, you’ll build height working in the round, before finishing with the handles. 

Use a bulky weight yarn for the best effect, as it will provide the bag with shape and structure. For a final touch, you can sew a liner, but the bag works just as well on its own.

9. Florence Backpack

The Florence backpack looks relaxed, but the sturdy build is surprisingly structured. It keeps its shape even as you pack it full, which can be unusual for a crochet bag!

Some light Fair Isle patterning around the base gives a pretty design to the overall appearance of the purse, while a drawstring opening and thick straps add practicality.

For those with an intermediate skill level, the Florence backpack is an excellent base for experimenting with pattern and color.

10. Wildrose Backpack

The centerpiece of the Wildrose backpack is a granny square with a difference. The mandala-style square is fresh and modern, creating a stunning design for your backpack purse!

There are several different crochet stitches used throughout this bag, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with basic stitches before attempting the bag.

You also create a sturdy strap that works as part of the drawstring closure, and an optional tassel finishes the bag in style.

Final Thoughts

From Parisian chic to slouchy boho backpacks, handmade is the way to go when you want a bag! These crochet patterns will often encourage you to push your skills, but the final designs combine practicality with fashion.

Nancy Adriane